Creative Writing is not a major that comes to mind when someone thinks of the word “successful.” I find the ability to connect through the written word one of the most undervalued talents of today; writing allows people to realize they are not alone, at least it did for me. Reading brought me out of depression when I was young, and it was then that I realized I wanted to be a writer—I wanted my writing to invade the minds of others with inspiration.

Writing comes in many forms–poetry, fiction, non-fiction, journalism–and it is through these conduits that I have found my passion.

In addition to being a fiction and creative nonfiction writer, I have a background in Journalism through my college newspaper. I was the Editor in Chief for my sophomore and junior years, and gained great experience writing news articles, as well as designing the print layout and running our website. It was only natural that my abilities developed to that of an Editor and now I freelance edit novels, articles–pretty much any medium of writing.

I love what I do and enjoy sharing my passions with other writers, so if you want to talk craft or need an editor that will work with you, don’t hesitate to contact me.